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10-10-2004, 01:03 PM
I'm only really sorry i didn't take a photo!

Let me fill you in...Matt is a disaster when it comes to cars and driving. His last car had 3 large bumps on 3 different sides in the space of 6 months. Not all his fault but he seems to attract damage.

This attraction seems to have been transfered to his new forfour. Last week someone in a traffic queue rear-ended him. No damage, just a scuff mark. But better than that on Thursday i received a call at work to say i'd got a nice new black and silver garden ornament....HIS FORFOUR! My driveway is a raised concrete platform with nothing to really stop anyone driving off the end apart from their own common sense when applying the handbrake. (You can see where i'm going with this?!)

About an hour after arriving home he heard kids laughig and his car alarm going off. He raced outside only to see his car half on/half off the drive! Hilarious, or so i thought anyway.

So we had to get my Mum's BMW X5 and a tow rope to pull it off. see BMW's do have their uses.

Cars ok, Matt's not so good and apparently there's a problem with the handbrake.

Sorry there's no photo, i was too busy laughing.:D

Lisa x

10-10-2004, 01:24 PM
lisred wrote

Cars ok, Matt's not so good and apparently there's a problem with the handbrake.

Sorry to hear it although from what i can gather it was very funny :D(Sorry Matt)

So is there a problem with the handbrake??, our drive is on a slope so i will have to watch what we do because if it rolls back it will hit my car:(:(

Is it going back to the garage? if so let us know the outcome



11-10-2004, 09:59 PM
I had sent Matt a reply to this from the "old" board (how sad!!):(, my eldest son had a similar problem with his Vectra, trouble was his rolled across a car park and ended up removing the side of another car...OUCH!! The Police and all witnesses agreed that upon opening the locked car, the handbrake was definately ON!!!:shock:

I've heard similar stories around cars with disc brakes on the rear before, so I reckon that it is still a good practice to leave the car in gear when you leave it!!