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16-03-2006, 11:06 AM
Please do not respond to the email address on the newsletter emails...instead please contact me via PM or on MATT.EDWARDS1@VIRGIN.NET

We are excited to announce some very important changes

First off we have appointed Brian and Damian to become main stakeholders in the site. They have both helped Smartz massively recently both in their time and also money so we felt that it was only fair to show our appreciation.

As an off shoot are now going to be selling banner packages to help keep the site going. If you would like your business to feature on the site then we have a number of special packages which can help you reach Smart minded folks. The prices given are for 12 months so i think they are good value for money.

We offer package 1 which includes advertisement banners on the main forum site and also the chatroom which are clickable to a url for £60.00

For people who prefer to have a banner on the main forum site then there is package 2 which is £45.00.

We do offer an adittional design service for the banners at an additional £10.00. for those who want to add a banner but do not have the facility to design them. Those who have banners currently in rotation will be kept on a for a free month as a thank you for helping us test the system.

If anyone would like to have banner for a charity event then Smartz will add this for FREE

If you are interested then please PM me directly-Matt

We will still continue to offer site links to all our friends sites as before on the bottom right and will add a new site happily.

As you can see are very busy at Smartz at the moment and would like to thank all of our mods, in particular PJ, our members, new and old and a special big thank you for those who have decided to contribute by becoming Smartzee's and for supporting the upcoming SmartzStock - A BIG THANK YOU!!!!