Post in this thread your Username or Player code for your consle.. or even your Steam ID, and I'll update this post, so everyone can play gaming goodness together!

Esqulax: Xbox360 and Steam - Esqulax (soon as i fire up my Wii, i'll have that aswell)

Yatesey: Ps3 - Setay

KennyJ - Ps3 - woohoo202

Nico76 - Ps3 - sawyersnj

maggi112 - Ps3 - Splaggi
Xbox 360 - Bittermaggi
Steam - maggi112

EMM386 - Xbox360 - magic hands emm (don't ask)

OMA - Xbox360 - scotsmonkey

Coda - Xbox360 - Coda1980

(Posts will be deleted after updating - Feel free to make more threads about games n stuff)