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Thread: 451 Fortwo - Common Faults

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    To the guy with the iphone/usb issue.
    what version of software is on the device in the car?
    i had an issue had the old software on it and now its been updated it works

    David Spalton (OMA)

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    I have found on 2011 plate, the drivers door will not always open from the inside, sometimes have to pull the handle 7 or more times, like some thing is slipping then it catches, pressing the unlock on the centre console when this happens, cures this..

    Anyone had this?

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    On really windy stormy days with cross winds, you can still occasionally get the wipers banging together,with an almighty bang on the 451.
    I though initially I had a tree branch come down and bounce off my panoramic roof it was that noisy, but no it was the wipers.

    This minor but irritating fault was also on my previous MK6 (450).......DOH!

    PS...this wipers clashing can also happen if you have tree sap on the windscreen causing one wiper to slow down slightly by stickyness.
    You would have thought the designers would have sorted all this out, but no.

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