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Thread: Meets in the north

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    Meets in the north

    Is there any meets in the north anywhere

    CDA Tait

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    Ellington, Northumberland
    Sort of. I go to a regular (Monthly) meet at the Briar Dene (on the seafront by Whitley Bay). This event started out as a get together for retro rides members and classic enthusiasts generally but as both I, and a mate who used to specialise in Reliant kittens (relevant image attached) now run ForTwos, there has been some Smart presence at the last two meets there.
    The cars tend to go down well among folk who appreciate something "different", regardless of their definition of that word.

    Are you thinking of moving up from the Midlands or would you travel? Local accommodation is cheap and, erm, cheaper still.
    2011 Pulse CDi

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