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Thread: ++++stolen brabus roadster wheels in dundee area+++

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    ++++stolen brabus roadster wheels in dundee area+++

    posted on behalf of a customer --

    "Hey Sam,
    Hope your well, it's charlie here from Dundee with the roadster coupe brabus(silver one)

    I put my brabus wheels into a local tyre fitter to have tyres removed to get wheels refurbed over winter as I buckled one wheel.

    Just got word they have been stolen!

    Police and stuff have been informed but word on street is that a polish guy is trying to flog them for 80.

    Im not into forums or stuff I just wondered if you could keep your ears open incase you hear of them online or that"

    just incase anyone hears anything can they let me know and i will pass it on :-(

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    Sounds like a pretty good deal - do you know where this Polish guy is?

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    I'm also taking my alloys to refurbish tomorrow. Bad news

    Let's hope tire fitter insurance would cover the theft.

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