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Thread: *You must read before posting * Classifieds - updated rules

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    *You must read before posting * Classifieds - updated rules

    *No more than 5 classified adverts to be posted in any one week by an individual member, if you have a large number of items to sell, please add them all to one post. If you are a trader, please contact us for site sponsorship.

    *No 'bumping' of threads, you may update the price once if you're trying to sell.

    *Classifieds must have an email address for any respondents to contact you directly. (suggest you type out your address as joe 'at' Please remember to keep an eye out for responses too.

    *Threads without contact details or a link to an online auction (where you can be contacted) will be removed. [sarcasm]If your thread has disappeared and you can't work out why, it's probably because you managed to click on 'post new thread' which is adjacent to the *You must read before posting* sticky, without reading before posting[/sarcasm]

    *Only responses that are relevant to the sale will be approved, general comments will be deleted/moved to the off-topic thread as appropriate.


    *If you are selling an item, give as much detail as possible in your advert.

    *If you are selling an item on ebay, copy the link or item number to your post. You can also use the ebay button. Just paste the item reference number in between the ebay tags.

    *If you you are selling a car, pictures for potential buyers are helpful. However, please be aware that a smart forum isn't necessarily the ideal place to sell a smart. Very few cars have sold through the forum so bumping it every 5 minutes isn't helpful to anyone

    The above is all at site management team's discretion.

    Yours in Smarting

    The Smartz admin team.
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