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Thread: How to clay your Smart

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    A matte finish is exactly that, its nature is that of a finish that does not reflect - The very imperfection that makes it matte is why clay would never work on it.

    I didnt realise I needed to explain that after your smart-arse comment as well as grammer corrections.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Or_GazM View Post
    That was a serious question Mike......from someone who uses washing up liquid to clean his cars....I was interested IF you could clay a matt finish.

    Now who's the one being a p*llock?

    Mark gave me the answer I was looking for.
    Whoah guys calm down, you'll break your keyboard lol

    Not sure if you've had a dispute in another thread but mike please take it from me gaz is 99% of the time just kidding, Ive taken his banter, and thats all it is, just banter. He's a nice guy really, and as he says, his comments make things more 'interesting' and keeps conversations going a bit longer

    To elaborate, mike is right, matte finishes physically have a texture which disperses light, reducing their reflectivity giving them their matte appearance. Clay along with most other car products (polishes, waxes, cleaners, sealants) are designed to level the surface as much as possible (machine polishing is part of the re-finishing process for normal paint, leveling it at a microscopic level micron at a time), all of which cannot be used on matte, makng their maintenance even more tricky. They need dedicated shampoos that don't have any wax or gloss enhances, can only be protected with very particular sealants (of which I stock ) and if they get bird lime on them it has to be removed quickly before permenantly damaging it which unlike gloss paints, cannot be wetsanded or polished out!!! Yes thats right, you don't remove it in minutes then its either 'live with it' or respray (which is a nightmare as recreating the same degree of matte is a real headache for the best sprayshops!).

    They look great, but I wouldn't live with one.....

    Again I hope this helps

    Keep it clean guys

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