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Thread: Smart Enthusiast Help in Edinburgh, Scotland

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    Smart Enthusiast Help in Edinburgh, Scotland

    Hi Smarties!

    I recently got the perfect car (in my eyes anyway) A Smart ForTwo Brabus Nightrun. I have quite a bit of mechanical knowledge from a few years ago when my Dad had a motor repair and MOT garage and I thought the Smart was the perfect car for me to manageably maintain. I don't foresee ever selling the car as my partner will end up driving it later on.

    I'm wondering if there's anyone in the Edinburgh area who could help me out a bit by showing me round the car and supervising whilst i service the car to make sure I'm doing everything right, and also to help/supervise more complex work on the car when it's needed.

    I can't offer much in return for this, however i do make good Thai food and homebrew wine and beer and I would be more thanm happy to assist in anything they need from me!..a few drives out in our respective smarts...maybe go to a rally or two?

    Anyhow, many thanks and I hope to hear from any of you soon! My Smart has been well maintained by it's previous owner and is due it's next service in about 2000 miles


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    The only decent specialist in Scotland.
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    Sam at McSmarts (as per above post) is your man for repairs etc. For work you want to tackle yourself have a look at the Evilution and FQ101 sites as they have excellent 'how to' guides on just about everything. Mug up, print off, get the spanners out. That's how I look after mine!

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