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Thread: Can you help with these error codes?

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    Can you help with these error codes?

    Sorry for the new thread, I have a new problem. History can be seen in the 'no revs' thread.

    It was struggling when in idle, which I guess was to be expected after sitting so so long. I took it out for a drive, seemed to be going okay, but then I would lose power and the ABS light and Warning light came on the dash. This happened 3 or 4 times, but restarting the engine immediately rectified the issue. So got home and checked for errors codes, the found the following:

    (I think these descriptions are correct)

    P201a - Misfire of Cylinder/ Reductant Injection Valve Circuit Range/Performance Bank 2 Unit 1
    P201d - Misfire Harmful to Cat?
    P201e - Catalytic Convertor Effiency?
    P205f - Reductant System Performance?
    P2044 - Reductant Temperature Sensor Circuit Low Input
    P2046 - Reductant Temperature Sensor Circuit Intermittent

    Does anyone have any advice from here?


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    Misfire & smart never a good sign.
    Could be a dodgy ht lead or coil pack.
    Hopefully its not an engine in need of rebuild.

    Has it been using any oil?
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    ABS light coming on and lack of power until restart can also be a cracked reluctor ring. Fingers crossed it's something simple and cheaper like that as an engine rebuild is never good news.

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    Have you tried putting a tank full of injector / CAT cleaner through it? Reluctance to start / idle after a long period of sitting still might be down to a partially seized alternator.


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