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Thread: Lost turbo power SMART Fortwo

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    I would take it back to them and get them to revert to your old map. Or at least get them to establish what the problem is. Its obviously something to do with their map.

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    Maybe i am just guessing here..

    But you might need to check if you have got a boost leak. Check the last thing is the intercooler, that might have a leak or crack.

    I am not an expert, but i am suffering from sudden boost lose now for a few months on my other car. I just cant seem to find it..
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    Quote Originally Posted by 137699 View Post
    Had exactly the same with out 600cc - fine with no map - immediate issues after remap.
    Turned out the turbo was at fault - given the choice of 700 for a new turbo or going back to original map we decided to forgo the power.
    Have you checked the turbo?
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