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Thread: Engine oil leak - how much of a problem?

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    Engine oil leak - how much of a problem?

    Hi all,
    I am looking at a Forfour Brabus with a view to buying it, but noticed it has an oil leak.
    There is a small residue of oil coming from between the top engine block and lower. There is no cream in the oil cap area. Presumably this means the head gasket has gone? If so, how much will it cost me for a mechanic to fix it? The car has only done 44k, so it's a bit of a surprise. Should I avoid it? He will sell with warranty, so I could go down that route and just get it fixed under warranty. Thanks for your help - any advice appreciated.
    It was lovely to drive btw - my first time behind the wheel

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    Highly unlikely to be blown headgasket - not impossible but this is a very rare occurrence on these cars.

    More likely it's a split breather pipe or some other leak and the residue is just collating there.
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    Just had a brab owner have an engine fail on him with these symptoms - the inside of the engine is a mess.

    Stay clear unless you are 100% sure it's just something minor - plenty of nice examples out there.

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