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Thread: Roadster Brabus Wheels`

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    Dec 2012
    Thanks for the infoi A2D, since these wheels are new & loose/naked, I decided to get Collinite 845 Insulator Wax.
    Although i'm going to get CarPro Hyrdo2 for future use when fitted to the car.
    On a separate note, how would I get my roadster with red (uv lightened to) orange paint detailed by you? I live in Swindon so can't make it all the way to Essex, but do have a long driveway (not that my roadie need's it)!

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    Hi Rodzter,

    Sadly you're a bit far to travel for me (this is not me being lazy, but with my average job being around 8 hours, id spend 5hours driving)!

    However, S2Smarts is conveniently located mid way

    Details for contacting me are in my Sig (Website/Facebook Page) or you can email me info.attentiontodetail [at]

    The only issue to overcome is obviously dropping the car off the night before, and then coming to collect the car the following evening.

    Always happy to take a call to discuss the most convenient option (my number is on my website) if better.


    For Detailing advice, or to see examples of my work please visit
    Essex Detailer | Essex Car Detailing
    Don't forget to 'Like' the page

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