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Thread: Methanol at 10%

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    Methanol/petrol mixure gives more Nm/Hp , than petrol
    Methanol/petrol mixure gives more cooling, than petrol
    Methanol/petrol mixure gives loads more fun, than petrol

    Specialy for CDI owners.
    1 ltr diesel +1 % accetone mixure gives more Nm/Hp !

    If you want numbers and figures , just Google for it!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ossy View Post
    Specialy for CDI owners.
    1 ltr diesel +1 % accetone mixure gives more Nm/Hp !
    You had better hope there is no ABS in the fuel or air system if you do that. If there were it would be a sorry sight after a while.

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    Both methanol and ethanol burn at lower temperatures than gasoline, and both are less volatile, making engine starting in cold weather more difficult. Using methanol as a fuel in spark-ignition engines can offer an increased thermal efficiency and increased power output (as compared to gasoline) due to its high octane rating (114[10]) and high heat of vaporization. However, its low energy content of 19.7 MJ/kg and stoichiometric air-to-fuel ratio of 6.42:1 mean that fuel consumption (on volume or mass bases) will be higher than hydrocarbon fuels. The extra water produced also makes the charge rather wet (similar to hydrogen/oxygen combustion engines) and with the formation of acidic products during combustion, the wearing of valves, valve seats and cylinder might be higher than with hydrocarbon burning. Certain additives may be added to the fuel in order to neutralize these acids.

    Methanol, just like ethanol, contains soluble and insoluble contaminants.[11] These soluble contaminants, halide ions such as chloride ions, have a large effect on the corrosivity of alcohol fuels. Halide ions increase corrosion in two ways; they chemically attack passivating oxide films on several metals causing pitting corrosion, and they increase the conductivity of the fuel. Increased electrical conductivity promotes electric, galvanic, and ordinary corrosion in the fuel system. Soluble contaminants, such as aluminum hydroxide, itself a product of corrosion by halide ions, clog the fuel system over time.

    Methanol is (In automotive terms) hygroscopic, meaning it will absorb water vapor directly from the atmosphere.[12] Because absorbed water dilutes the fuel value of the methanol (although it suppresses engine knock), and may cause phase separation of methanol-gasoline blends, containers of methanol fuels must be kept tightly sealed.
    I'll stick to petrol
    You're so money supermarket and you don't even know it!

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    This is probably the best way to go......................................

    Just mix methanol with water, once the kit has been fitted, gives lot's more power as well as keeping your engine internals spotlessly clean.

    I had a kit fitted to my 2.5 V6 TDi Passat a few years back, and I have to say, as the saying goes, it does everything it says on the tin.

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