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Thread: New Roadster owner - Possible SAM PROBLEMS!!

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    The wiper motor from Mk4 Golf or Bora, Mk1 Leon or Mk1 A3 will fit perfectly, provided you use the arm from the original motor. If you have an Evilution account then you can see the process and pictures of the correct motor type here.

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    As a former Roadster owner, (the one with the flat boot, not coupe), I would just like to say that rain water ingress was the downfall of the roadster. Mine leaked like a sieve from new and got shot of it once the two year warranty was finished. It was a fantastic car to drive, but had build issues causing many rain water leaks. Once sorted it should be a good car for you, as long as you spend time getting it dry.

    Anyway, as said you will get more info at the roadster website.

    Here are all the rain water ingress points I can remember, there will be more on the list.....
    the front bulkhead must be sealed to protect the SAM unit as you are well aware off.
    Other areas, roof (if soft top), door mirrors and door speakers.

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