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Thread: Is it worth bringing a 2004 Fourfour back to the UK?

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    Question Is it worth bringing a 2004 Fourfour back to the UK?

    I apologise already in advance if this is a very stupid question...
    I'm the proud owner of one of the first 100 Forfours that were sold in the German city where I lived back in 2004. Since then, it has never let me down, when I moved to the UK in 2010 I imported it, and when I moved to Malta 5 years ago I also took it with me and changed to Maltese license plates. It's now got just over 77,000 miles (Malta being a small island you can't really travel far :-) and it has never given me any trouble except for the flakey roof which I had fixed and repainted. Now we're moving back to the UK, and I have to decide whether I reimport it, or whether I sell it in Malta and buy a used or new one in the UK. The problem is: here in Malta used cars don't lose their value and I could probably get a about EUR 3,000 for it. Plus I would save about EUR 800 of costs for driving up from Malta to the UK (north) including ferry costs, fuel and accommodation. But I don't really want to sell it, so I'm looking for good reason not to... I don't mind losing some money if I bring it back to the UK, but I'm a bit worried about the mileage: How much longer will the "expensive bits" (motor, gearbox) be fine? I'm grateful for any experiences from ForFour owners who have higher mileages. Many thanks!

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    If I were you, I would sell the car in Malta and get the cash, and get a car back here in the UK.

    The old forfour based on the Mitsu Colt running gear, is getting long in the tooth now, so howabout this idea....

    When you are back in the UK, consider looking at the new 453 Forfour (Renault engine), as there are good leasing deals here, either no deposit down and 145 a month, or a deposit and 99 a month. (Based on a base Passion model).

    The Forfour is the better leasing deal over the Fortwo, as I see plenty on the road, but hardly any 453 Fortwos, as they are expensive for what they are.

    I would have went for a 453 Forfour deal, as its good, except only my short lengthed Fortwo can get in and out of my garage, due to the small turning circle off the narrow private back lane.

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    If your ForFour is a Semi-Automatic variety, chances are you'll need to do something with the clutch actuator. My 454 ForFour with approximately 82k miles on the clock had to have the actuator replaced entirely and given the mileage and my driving manner, I decided to have the clutch replaced as well at the same time which equated to about 650 in parts and labour. That being said, despite being fairly old these days, they are damned reliable (apart from the aforementioned issue) and any other issues that they do have aren't really car killers.

    From a fiscal point of view, it would make sense to sell it in Malta (or any LHD market) and, if so inclined, buy one here in RHD but then again, it will always be a risk because then you don't know the history of the vehicle you are buying. If you like it enough, I'd probably go for importing it.

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    I think given the advantages of selling it there I'd let it go, its clearly done you very well but after 13 years it may be time for a change!

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    If your worry is reliability then don't let it worry you! The cars are very reliable, don't rust, still look great and still get looks

    If your car has oodles of sentimental value then keep it.

    However you can get a lovely Brabus in the uk for that sort of money or a standard car for much less

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