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Thread: Chinese Turbo Cartridge

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    Question Chinese Turbo Cartridge

    Has anyone ever tried one of the 100 cartridges available on eBay?

    Don't think I need one, if anything I need will need a manifold first, just curious that's all.
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    I have tried Chinese turbos for diesel smarts and so far not had any issues.
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    A far as the operation and reliability is concerned - no issues so far far but two that I've fitted had the same issue - the surface where the coolant and oil are fed in and out (where the little gasket goes) isn't machined to the same size as the original and has a shoulder which stops the gasket and face of the pipe flange from mating correctly - an easy enough fix but something to watch out for and a bit of a pain having to fettle a new part!

    Just realised that you're talking about diesel turbo - may not be an issue with one of those as I was on about petrol.

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