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Thread: Stuck in third gear

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    Stuck in third gear

    I have a 451 passion cdi 2011 car. On a recent drive I entered a rounabout in third gear and manual gear selection. The gear selection did not change and as I approached traffic lights after the roundabout I slowed the car by removing my foot from the accelerator. The car stayed in third gear and juddered to a stop by stalling the engine. 3 was stil shown as the gear selection and would not respond to the gear stick when I put in neutral or reverse or auto selection. I managed to get the car pushed to a safe position of the road. The engine was rotating while the car was being pushed. Despite various attempts I could not get the gearbox out of third gear so starting the engine was not possible. Any ideas. Del.

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    Check the clutch actuator.
    Maybe a broken pin/rod.

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    If you put the car on flat ground and let off the handbrake. Foot on foot brake and turn ignition on but leave foot on foot brake for half a minute. During that time the gearbox should go into teach mode and as long as there is no force on the engine it should come out of gear if it is the clutch actuator that is at fault, try rocking the car while doing this to assist in removing any force through the gearbox to the engine. If it does come out of gear OK and the gearbox teaches then it is probably the clutch actuator. If you can't get it to teach after a few tries and some rocking of the car then it is likely the gear change motor. You have to keep your foot on the brake to force teach mode but as soon as you hear any sort of click from the back end then release the brake and rock the car.

    When it goes into teach mode you get three bars on the gear display and you can hear the gear motors changing gears.

    Gear lever in neutral.
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