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Thread: Warning - Smart 450 Brake Shoe Set

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    I checked the rear brakes on my ForTwo whilst changing the actuator and fitting new drop links this weekend (started rattling after 13mm anti-roll bar fitted), and the adjusters were incorrectly fitted with clear witness marks where the adjuster leaf spring was rubbing on the bearing block. I've never been very pleased with the pedal travel, whilst it wasn't terrible it never felt as good as my wife's Roadster. FWIW the adjusters themselves even had 'L' and 'R' incorrectly stamped on them.

    After swapping them around they now work as intended and I have a nice high pedal, so thanks Tolsen.

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    There you go, firm evidence the problem is fairly common.

    L & R stamped on the mechanism refers to the threads, i.e. whether left or right threads, not to which side on the vehicle the mechanism goes.

    See post #5.
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