Hi everyone , I'm Steve and I am in the USA. NY to be exact , owner of a rare ( here):05 Smart passion convert with S.Mann upgrades and remapp. Spent better part of the winter doing an engine swap as the original engine developed a bad valve in number 3 ...the new engine is from a low km Mexican smart and after swapping out the drive ( and ECU) the enine will start right up but quickly shuts down, with no help I am on my own to fix ..
As I said it cranks fine and fires straight up but no throttle , or very little as it will run for only 5 seconds then shut down .. there is one bubble showing on the gas gauge, and no code show on the OBD , I will ad that the car has sat for a year so I am a bit to to get it going again . Has a new battery, anyone out there where to check? Email me directly scg13803@yahoo.com
Thanks. I wanna drive my smart