Professional mechanics are not as professional as you may think. They are generally rather dumb and clumsy usually not exercising much care and attention when working on cars.
In this thread I will keep adding photos as evidence of above. The vandalism shown has been committed by all sorts of garages, main Mercedes Benz/ Smart dealer included.

Seal at throttle body incorrectly fitted:

I estimate seal was blocking minimum 70% of flow area. Garage: Framor, Banchory.

Number 3 lower plug cap:

All six plug caps showed evidence of having been pulled using pliars. This one was misfiring. Rubber in way of plug cap metal converted to carbon. Garage: Framor, Banchory.

Car: 2005 Smart 450 petrol.

In the next post I will be showing photos documenting the workmanship carried out by the main Smart dealer in Aberdeen.