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Thread: Need to replace Highline audio unit

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    Need to replace Highline audio unit

    The Highline audio/satnav unit in my 2012 fortwo Cabrio (84) is not fit for purpose. Radio reception is poor, satnav capability is unacceptable. There are loads of double DNS units on ebay from less that 100 to 500. Has anyone here replaced their Highline unit? Can anyone recommend a decent replacement? My priorities are good FM/AM radio performance, bluetooth phone connection, satnav capability. I use the SD card music option on the Highline but I'd be content to transfer the music to a CD-R. Not bothered about playing music from a phone, I don't keep music on my phone.
    I have been using my phone as satnav and it's fine but I don't like "make do and mend" solutions.
    I'm not capable of a DIY swap so if anyone knows of a good audio centre in the NE Manchester area I'd be grateful for a recommendation.

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    It is not straight forward to replace as fancied a new head unit, I went to Halfords to buy a replacement SONY head unit (same size, but minus sat nav) for my Fortwo, and they refused to sell or fit it saying original head unit was tied into the cars computer, so had to be the same unit fitted by Smart. They would not touch it.

    Not sure if the statement that it is tied into the computer is true or not. I cannot think of anything inside the head unit that would be needed to tie in with the cars computer. Some others would know for sure.

    PS....I do agree it is not the most user friendly controls, especially when it cannot be switched off. I have to put mine on AUX or turn down volume to get no sound. plus the screen is very small. I actually quite like the sound output, but am not one for fancy sound systems.
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