Been having probs with my car key fobs. They've been eating batteries for a while now, until one battery would last about a day. Got it plugged in about 6 months ago and it was showing some codes (don't know what) that were cleared with the one key the garage had. That key then lasted 6 months on one battery, bliss! But weirdly the other keys didn't.
Took it back with all three keys and codes B1050 and B1052 were showing that indicated something wrong with central locking system. Codes cleared and new battery lasted two weeks.It's costing me a fortune on batteries and to be honest its doing my head in a bit. Not always convenient to be changing key fob battery when you've got to rush out. Have had the car for years, so this is a new one on me. ANy suggestions? Anyone? Please.
2001 Pulse FourTwo 113 000K