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Thread: Preowned brake discs

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    That's a really good method Tolsen, I used to just get a really big flat head screwdriver and run it round the perimeter edge of the discs to remove clumps of rust. it was quite a hairy method, requiring googles to protect eyes as bits of rust flew off in all directions. Then I just used an emery block to smooth it off

    Another side effect of these big rust clumps on the edge was noises from the rear metal splash guards behind the discs on a lot of cars. If a bit of that rust fell off and got stuck behind the thin metal guard and disk it could make a lot of noise.

    I was forever bending the guards back on older Japanese cars I owned, to give a bigger space between disk and guard, to stop the problem of stuck rust particles making noises.

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    Evilution told me to use this method of rust removal. There is very good info about it on his site.

    I’ve found aluminium heat shields are the best anode material as the electrolyte remains clear with white residue collecting at bottom of tank. With steel anodes the electrolyte turns brown with black residue.
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    This was a spectacular recovery using a full wheelie bin as the tank. Gobsmacked at how well it came out but can't find the pictures I have of it actually erupting in the tank.

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