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Thread: Smart 450 Cabrio - Roof will not drop down

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    Smart 450 Cabrio - Roof will not drop down

    She is a 2001 LHD and still with original roof BUT I need to change a roof bar (rust has got it big time)
    Pressing toggle switch to A Opens roof (no problem) to normal extent and the other way closes (no problem) BUT the roof will not go further back and drop down as it should in order to remove the roof bars ???
    HELP PLEASE before it rains !!!???

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    Hi Billy53, are you operating the switch correctly for roof full retraction?
    There are instruction here,
    Hope this might help.

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    Once you get the roof down, you will eventually need to raise it back up again.

    Sometimes you will find that one side engages but the other does not, it's as if the catch on one side is broken in some way.

    Pushing on the side that hasn't latched doesn't work at all, and risks causing damage.

    What is worse is that when this happens the electrics often go to failsafe mode, preventing you from using the switch to do anything.

    I have found that this is usually caused by the roof being twisted from side to side, even if you have taken every care to present the roof evenly for it to latch.

    Twisting it should enable it to latch, pushing it won't.
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