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    Key fob

    Just replaced my 451 key fob with a new CR2016 small button battery, as the side lights were fast flashing with a lot of flashes, when opening or closing button pressed. Its fine now.

    This is the signal to tell that you need a new battery, which i have now sorted, but my question is this....

    My question is....How does the car itself know that the key fob battery needs replaced just before it runs out of battery power, and creates this fast flashing?

    PS......for anyone wanting to know how to replace key fob battery, its very simple, just insert a 10 pence coin in the slot at the back of the key fob, twist the coin, and the two halves of the fob open up, then remove battery, put in the new one and click the two halves closed. sorted. Takes about a minute to do.
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