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Thread: 451 cdi owners ref pre 2010 info

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    hythe kent

    451 cdi owners ref pre 2010 info

    here is a piece of info that might be handy,
    I have had 2 of these in now, for different issues, and turned out to be same cause

    vacuum for erg actuator and the braking boost fading,

    I have attached a photo of the problem found, on the early cdi 451s there is a vacuum reservoir tank bolted to the near the sump near the engine mount, one of these cars had the sump change by a garage , and they for got to put the tank back on, ( brake servo power fade after certain number of brake applications ) and the other 451 had egr and boost intermittent working, this had a smashed vacuum reservoir tank,

    worth remembering ,
    happy new year
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