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Thread: 84bhp or Brabus

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    84bhp or Brabus

    Me again, sorry folks. Seriously looking at either a 2014 84bhp Turbo 451 or possibly a 2010/2011 Brabus. Budget around 6k max. Which is the better buy? Looks like I can get a mileaage around 40K on the Brabus for about 6.5K or a mileage of up to 20K on the 84bhp. Don't know which to go for? Is the 84 with a brabus sport pack a good option? What are the pitfalls I need to know about?
    Is the turbo on these as flaky as the early 450 turbo or now reliable? Any advice please, thank you.

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    IMO you can't go wrong with either, the Brabus is always going to command more money to purchase because it's probably more desirable, I own a 2008 Brabus and am delighted with it, as is a close friend of mine who owns a 2009 84 Passion (turbo). We have both owned them a number of years now and both are very reliable and trouble free.
    In the end the choice is down to you, so go for test ride in both and see how you feel afterwards, my guess is you will like both.
    Good luck with whatever you choose.....

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    No turbo issues and agree with Kernow60 that either would be a decent buy. If you only plan to keep 1-2 years, go for the 2014 car to maximise short term residual value.
    If you're planning to keep long term, go for the Brabus as in the longer run that one will keep it's value better.
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    Which one has the toys on it that you might want?

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