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Thread: Diesel Engine Mileage

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    Diesel Engine Mileage

    I am considering buying a 2010 CDi Passion with Full service/MOT but very high mileage 141000. Should I take the risk, it"s less than 1600 or forget it. What mileage can you expect from the Smart Diesel engine?

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    Generally they are considered to be properly run-in at around 90 to 100k.

    Perform at maximum between 100k and 230k.

    Need a rebuild between 350k and 400k

    That is generally speaking having no failures or bad treatment.

    The problem with the Euro5 diesel with all the DPF crap is that they suffer from diesel in the oil and that reduces engine life, sometimes very significantly.

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    Full service
    Or full service history ?
    You're so money supermarket and you don't even know it!

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    The nearest I've heard of a 'core' problem with this engine is Tolsen's HP pump rebuild. That said, there are numerous peripheral issues associated with the higher power version, mainly exhaust side related but transmission glitches too.
    At that mileage clutch replacement would be the high cost replacement I'd want to know more of - has it had a clutch? Mind you 18,000 miles pa doesn't sound like a car that has spent all its time in the city. At that mileage you may well find that a lot of components (eg wheel bearings, driveshafts, etc) that are about to fail on a lower mileage car have already been replaced and are good for more miles. How much history comes with the car, and who had it and for what purpose? 18,000 pa is not trivial mileage for a such a small car.

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    I will tell you that the air filter is hellishly hard to get at on a 451 Cdi
    Thanks to those on here who helped me through it, to replace it.

    As for 140,000 mile's forget it, you can buy a 2010 451 Cdi now for around or under 2k with less mileage ie, under 70k, as a lot of these cars are second cars in the family.

    But take care, if you only do short journeys as this is not good for DPF cars, and must get faster and longer journeys each week. They are not town cars.

    MPG is around high 60's to 80 MPG, depending on how you drive, and is better than the 45 MPG at best on the petrol. This was my reason for buying a Cdi.
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