On my way home from work this afternoon, pulled up to a junction in traffic & the car selected N all by itself (can't honestly remember if I was in auto or manual ) and then refused to go into any gear .... forwards or backwards. Pushed it to the side of the road, swore at it for a few minutes, restarted it, tried selecting drive & wahey! there was a clanking underneath & it went into gear. Drove the last couple of miles home via Asda where it was stopped & started with no problems at all until the last 50 yds. As I turned into the street in auto, the car rev'd its nuts off as it fell out of drive into N again. Walked home, left the car for 5 mins, walked back, started it & it went into gear no problem.
My i980 code reader came up with PO805 ..... clutch fault.

Is this my clutch actuator beginning to go t1ts up? Or was it just over heating ..... engine temp was around 100 degs

I suppose it gives me the excuse to go to work in the Roadster