My ABS is triggering for no reason. It doesn't seem to matter if I am braking hard or soft, on smooth or rough ground. Sometimes I can hear the pump activating whilst driving along a perfectly flat dry road. DAS is giving a fault code C1159 'Implausible signal from stop lamp switch' which didn't come as a great surprise because I know the switches cause problems with ABS. But I have replaced the switch and checked all the wiring I can see but the problem persists and the fault code is still there. I'm running our of ideas. Can anyone suggest what to do next? Has anyone experienced a similar problem.

It's a 2007 Roadster Coupe by the way. I posted this here rather than the Roadster page because I believe the ABS on all Smarts from this year is near enough the same so I wanted to ask for advice from ForTwo/ForFour etc. owners too.