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Thread: No steering lock Smart for Two CDi 2009

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    Cool No steering lock Smart for Two CDi 2009

    My vehicle recently broke down after I inadvertently put in unleaded petrol instead of diesel. Didn't get much further than off the forecourt. Never happened before and I've had the car from new (2009). Since getting it back 2 days ago the steering wheel doesn't lock as it always used to do when the ignition is switched off, and the steering feels much looser than before. The car's done just under 25,000 miles. When it broke down it was left for many hours with the hazards on and the battery went completely flat, so flat that the driver's side door was deadlocked. Car still has original battery. Someone has suggested that the car needs re-coding. I've been back in touch with the garage that drained off the unleaded petrol and they've suggested that it could be an electrical fault. The car was running well before the petrol incident and I've never had any electrical problems with it. Does anyone have any thoughts about what is wrong with the steering. I have wondered whether any damage was done to it when it was put on the recovery vehicle.
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    The smart 451 doesn’t have a steering lock , never has had.

    The ignition key removal locks the gear-lever position, not the steering wheel.

    Only when they moved to the 453 smart in 2014 did they move the key barrel and introduce a steering column lock.
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