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Thread: PowerFlex Rear Beam Bush Mount

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    PowerFlex Rear Beam Bush Mount

    Would anyone know if the PowerFlex rear beam bush mount for the 451 also fits the 450 rear beam?

    Also, has anyone changed out their rear beam bush and if so, how difficult a job was it to do?

    I'm going to be changing out the clutch on my 450 this month. While I'm there I'll be renewing the front engine mount and including the PowerFlex front engine mount bush kit but thought perhaps its a good idea to do the rear beam bush also at the same time?

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    Allegedly the deDion centre bush is same for both 451 and 452 models but different on a 450. These last a long time. Mine is 17 years old and my Smart 450 has done 250,000.
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    Changing compouds is more for the sporty smart driver, who wants that little bit more performance

    I fitted a aftermarket rear beam mount bush (several times, on different 450 smarts) from smart4youracing .
    They have 3 different compounds.
    Removing the rear beam mount bush isnt hard to do
    No need to use any kind of heat,fire , just take a chisel and a hamer and 5 min of your time .
    Fittingthe rear beam mount bush is very easy to do .

    you can also fitt the powerflex engine mount inserts in the front engine for more stability and less play in the bushings
    Due to these adjustments, there is less loss in momentum when accelerating and shifting.

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