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Thread: Diesels

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    Quote Originally Posted by colin2x2 View Post
    you get nearly 80 MPG. Really good.

    Petrol versions of the 451 are in the middle to high 40's MPG, so its quite a difference..
    Not sure at all on this ‘you will get 80’ comes from ?

    You MIGHT get 80 if you drive the diesel like a typical Volvo hypermiler twat driver , you certainly won't get 80 without trying .... a lot.

    Saying you’ll get 80 out of it is just misleading, and delusionary.

    I found over six years I got about the same as, maybe a tiny tiny bit more,than a petrol out of it.... but I always drive my smarts (petrol or diesel) like I stole them. I still get mid 40’s despite that.
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    I regularly got 65mpg from the last one, driving, I thought, fairly hard...

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    I can get 65 but more normally I get 50 ish. Normally I do maybe 6 miles a day stop start stuff so no complaints at that. You would have to be a big toe throttle control hypermiler freak to get over 80 I think.

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    65 mpg is the norm for my 450 Cdi. Hauling a laden trailer yields same mpg as one then tends to drive more steady. Have managed above 100 mpg but not much fun. Got to watch out like a hawk to save every little drop of fuel to achieve that.
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    45 MPG......You must be driving like an F1 driver.

    The only reason I bought the Cdi was the advantage to get far better MPG than the petrol, and it does, no denying that, though it seems some do, LOL

    Not saying hitting 80 MPG every time, but is easy to get over 70+ MPG which is a lot better than a petrol, but as you say it depends on how you drive a car.
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