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Thread: Is Smart cutting their throats by going all electric soon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by colin2x2 View Post
    There are hybrids at the moment by other makes, be it plug-in or not plug-in types.
    True - but more complex than EV with RE as the ICE in the RE will never have to be mechanically coupled to the wheels.

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    But again are costly and having a complex drive that will have more to go wrong in future years of use. i pity the secondhand owner.
    That isn't even the half of it. They are being bought by fleets as company cars for the tax benefits. The recipients then run down the battery once and never recharge it thus running on liquid fuel at less economy than a straight ICE car would give. When they hit the used car market in 3 years, they will have a battery that has been flat for 3 years. They will wreck an already suspicious secondhand market. Selfish greedy bastards.

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    Looks like there will be a facelift for the all electric version. I wonder if there will be more range added to the batteries.

    Personally, I think it is a mistake to go all electric at this stage. Unless they also had a couple of other cars in their range, like a smart version of the upcoming Renault Zoe for the next size up, then I can't see them surviving in the next decade. Smart could have been so much more if Merc just had the nerve.
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    Personally I think the push for electric cars is too premature. They really haven't thought about the logistics for charging, especially people who live in blocks of flats!
    I think there will be a shift to more Ethanol in petrol.
    As to Smart only selling battery cars, big mistake & I think Merc is killing off it's embarrassing little brother. They've never wanted to support Smart I my mind.

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    I think this could be a smart move (no pun intended) if they increase the range (and I mean double it) and make them more competitively priced. I am hopeful that their tie-up with Geeley in China (where production will move to) will make them more competitive.

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