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Thread: Side lights come on when indicating right

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    Side lights come on when indicating right

    Recently I've noticed every time I turn my indicator on to turn right the dash would light up. So I checked & the side lights had come on too. If I pushed the stalk forward (main beam position) the lights would go off. So I thought the fault was in the switch unit. I took the speedo pod off & removed the indicator stalk. I was quite shocked at what I found. All the insulation had rotted off the wires in the stalk & was lying in the steering column shroud. I don't know if this is a time related thing as the car is 18 years old. So I'm a bit worried about the rest of the cars wiring rotting. I was going to strip the unit down & replace the wires, but the wife persuaded me to get a replacement unit & stop being a tight wad! So a new one was purchased & fitted. I'm now going to check the wifes car as it is a similar age.

    Here's a link to some photos. Site won't let me upload pics?!

    Weird the site up loaded 2 of the photos but not the third?
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    A common problem with these light switch stalks. I fixed mine many years ago using flexible heat shrink sleeve.
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