Quick question, is anyone running the Team Dynamics Smartie Alloys (6x16) upfront on their Smart fortwo 450 and if so, what tyre size can you run.

I've got a 2003 450 Brabus and I'm going to replace the fronts as my current ones are trashed beyond economical repair with the 6x16's and was wondering if I can get away with running 195/50/16 tyres upfront without any rubbing issues (10mm tyre wall size increase)?

The above size falls under the 2% difference between my current rears 205/45/16 (1.78% difference) and would give just that little bit more cushioning along with a slightly wider tyre.

A bit further down the line I'll look to replace the rears with wider 225/45/16 on the 7.5x16 Smartie alloys bringing my difference down to 1.23% again, with a little more cushioning than previous.