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Thread: Replacement key advice please 🔑🙏🏾

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    Replacement key advice please 🔑🙏🏾

    First poster here - Have a forfour and now only one dodgy key fob!! The rubber part splitting where you press the remote button. Works fine but know its not gonna last too much longer. Loathe to pay eye watering amount for new key as its just the rubber faulty - but do want to have a spare key too. The stress of it getting to me 😳
    Is there anywhere (apart from smart/merc) I can get key replaced. I got quote today from Timpson key cutter - almost 250. Be as well going to Smart 😉 Be grateful for any pointers here folks

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    Unfortunately not - it’s a special order with v5 proof of ownership plus recoding costs

    Tbh it’s worth it though

    Lose 1 key and you have no car for a month

    The rubber / casing could be available on its own (haven’t taken my key apart for some time but I’m sure owners on my site have)

    I’ll have a look on the site

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    Yeah, the replacement of the rubber is easy enough, just requires a bit of delicate work to put it all together. I've done it for a friend's 454 he had at the time.

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    Note:Iíve never seen the actual forfour key fob but:

    Plenty of others:
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