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Thread: Odd clutch behaviour - 451 turbo

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    Cool Odd clutch behaviour - 451 turbo

    Hi all,

    I have a 2009 1.0T passion with a mild remap and no other mods.

    Day to day driving, the car has been behaving fine since the remap. I haven't really pushed it fully through to the redline since the remap and have just been enjoying the in-gear torque.

    Yesterday, for the first time - I did a redline in 1st and 2nd job away from the lights as I had some imbecile that was slaloming through a busy dual carriageway in an Audi A3 diesel pull up next to me at the lights. I had no choice but to embarrass him.

    Anyway, to the point, after the hard start, I noticed the car was jerking (almost clunking) forward when fulling away in 1st (or Auto mode). Normally, I can feel the actuator doing the clutch control, but in this was far from smooth - a little sudden jerk forward- followed by normal driving and gear change. Only noticeable difference is at pull away or "automated biting point" as we might call it.

    I turned the car off for 10 mins. Started her up and she was back to normal again. Did a hard pull again to the redline and she repeats this problem until I switch her off for a few minutes.

    1. Am I having heat issues with my clutch actuator - is it worth giving it a lube up?
    2. Does my clutch actuator need adjusting? Pulling it further away from the box to allow a smoother operation due to clutch wear?
    3. Could this be a software issue - the car "learns" to to change gear or engage 1st as a result of my hard pull and tried to replicate that when pulling away. It then forgets this when re-starting the engine.
    4. Does my gear selector need servicing / lubrication?
    5. Is my gearbox struggling to work out why it has more power than usual (only fully used for the first time) - and crapped its pants.

    If someone has had a similar issue - help would be great.

    All the best


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    I suspect excessive internal friction in clutch actuator drive mechanism causing it to release with a bang. Unsure about boot on the 451 clutch actuator but boot on the 450 will swell and become useless if wetted in mineral grease. Therefore as a precaution do not overdo the lube and make sure no mineral grease comes in contact with boot. Clean areas where boot seals against plunger and body. I apply silicone grease to these areas when refitting boot. Ensures good seal preventing future entry of dirt and water hence many thousands of problem free and enjoyable miles in your Smart.

    The 451 clutch actuator adjusts itself automatically provided it is correctly fitted with recommended preload.
    Drives a Smart Cdi - 65 to 85 MPG

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