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Thread: Looking to come back to a smart fortwo

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    Looking to come back to a smart fortwo

    As title suggests I am looking to get a used Smart fortwo 451 .
    Petrol is prefferd as I do not do the miles.
    I would consider a 450 if the engine has been reconned past 60k.

    The 451-second generattion with the 999 turbo seems to be the most reliable from what i can fathom.

    I've been looking on Autotrader/Gumtree etc and my head is spinning . So much choice!

    Thoughts and opinions please?

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    In terms of the 451, the 84 turbo is quite reliable, as is the NA 61 or 71bhp cars (non-MHD). The clutch actuator on them can go awry by the looks of things but the engines in those models in particular look OK.

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