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Thread: Emissions problem

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    Thanks again guys.

    I will talk to the MOT centre on Monday, but in the meantime I found out why the engine management light was on.

    I used an OBD scanner and the Torque app on my phone to find an error code P401 on the ECU.
    The definition of P401 is
    - code P0401 means that the engine computer has detected that the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system flow is insufficient -

    Any thoughts on why this code has been recorded?

    I was able to use Torque to reset the code and turn the light off - then drove the car for 5 miles at high revs, and no sign of the code returning yet.

    So maybe if I now run the car in an "Italian tune-up" before the retest all might be well.

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    EGR shouldn;t be an issue re MOT. EGR is for NOx suppression and NOx isn't measured in MOT. Most likely is the EGR feed from exhaust to inlet or its valve has become choked.

    Ask the MOT tester questions along the lines of previously suggested. If he agrees to re-run the emission test go for a drive first - a few miles should do - and work the motor. Focus more on throttle opening than revs. Revs themselves don't create heat - combustion does and big throttle openings makes for more forceful combustion. Big throttle and 2/3 of max rpm. Assuming the roads permit it.
    If the tester is being arsey - say 'VOSA'. That should bring him to his senses. Good luck!

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