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Thread: Lock down

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    Now that Niall Ferguson slipped up and compounded it with his excuse of supposed immunity, Johnson's followers have seized on it as being why herd immunity should now be policy - but still the vulnerable aren't protected. As for the alt-right conspiracy theories....
    I'm alt-right Jack - FU seems to be the attitude.
    Ferguson's failure was actually far more serious than the public realise

    While Ferguson's relationship with Staats was all over the front pages, his relationship with programming best practice when building the models that have changed our lives has barely been mentioned

    Here is a clear explanation from Mallen Baker of the flaws in his modelling

    However, the ongoing failure to protect the vulnerable, whether in care homes, in the NHS, or in the home care sector, is what is really shameful

    It was 13 years after the war that the Iraq Inquiry was published, it's probably safe to assume that once the inevitable inquiry completes and is published, those responsible will be long gone
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    Bottom line though is the fatalities would be much higher without lockdown. Sweden's fatality rate is higher than its neighbour's.
    But what we don't as yet know is if eradication of the virus is possible and so may be facing recurring waves and to counter that, all that seems available is more lockdown.

    My take on what has happened is that lockdown was the only possibility due to the lack of testing capability and PPE. Lockdown has bought time to solve those two issues even though we aren't there yet. Had PPE been available at the outset then a herd immunity strategy could have been viable if care homes were under strict control and with adequate PPE. I suspect this is where we are heading next but too late for many who are vulnerable. To 'protect the NHS' too many were abandoned to their fate in care homes and and at home when admission to hospital was delayed and delayed as symptoms were not deemed serious enough and by the time the symptoms were that serious, all the paramedics could do when they arrived in an ambulance was pronounce the victim dead.

    For sure, no one will be held accountable for these failings.

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    Oh dear...
    What people seem to have NOT understood is, it's not just the elderly "with health issues" that are vulnerable to this little bug, EVERY body that's alive is vulnerable.
    Hate to point out it's not only tax and death that's guaranteed at berth, it's 'health issues' as well.
    Probably everybody that thinks they're 'fit & well' will have a health defect - it's just that it's not shown up yet.
    If you live long enough, it will - hence the elderly, with health defects.
    It's very similar to your credit card, most don't know they've not any money left until it's declined.
    Being well over weight is a health defect but KFC, Macker's and the other fat peddlers will tell you otherwise.
    Yes, a fat person will float better than a shinny one. Trouble is, 90% of the population are in the river over this, they think only the old are the problem.
    Heard immunity is real and fact. Trouble is, in the heard, only about 5% are immune to a new nasty bug at a time.
    You can do the math on that one and then if another nasty comes along, we join the dinosaurs. Best to stay alive until a vaccine comes along...
    Stop blaming every body else and get on with what's best.
    Remember, death cures all ailments.
    Think also of all those billionaires out there need us to do all the work...
    Live long and prosper.
    Cheers, Ian.

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