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Thread: Mannol ENERGY 5w30 Fully Synth

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    I get the need for high zddp re valve gear - which isn't a feature of oils for petrol engines anymore (and may be the reason the oil I use in my smart which was dual use previously is now sold as an oil for diesels only).

    I was going to suggest a straight grade as the thickest oil in the Penrite oils is 10 and 15 with the gap to 50 bridged with viscosity improvers. A straight oil would stay in grade for longer as VIs get chopped up in service. For that reason, be sure not to push for long drain intervals. Even though straight grades are trickier from cold, the assured HTHS capability would sway me to thinking about them. Pursuit of HTHS over cold performance is why I settled on a 15W 40 for my smart where there's no recommendation for that in the manual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UKKid35 View Post
    I've just bought 20L of this stuff for 28 inc p&p
    Good spot - Found the seller, cheapest price seems to be 36.99 but with FREE P+P, leave it in your watch list and basket and sometimes a discount is offered:

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