I joined this forum back in July 2008 just after I bought my 451. I've not made many posts but I still have the car nearly 13 years later. However, this is where the story ends.

This was a custom built Passion with a turbo charged engine, an alarm, leather heated seats, twin horns, electric door mirrors, upgraded sound system and the chrome package complete with chrome wheels. It's the one in my avatar.

The wheels have been repainted because the chrome peeled off. The rear window was replaced due to it leaking. And that's it.

I've had none of the problems others have had, apart from having to replace the battery on average every 2 years. No idea why. Everything checks out ok.

But then this morning, I have an amber ABS light, and I'm unable to get any gears. I managed to select gears manually, so I've limped it over to a garage. A good job I have 2 cars.

This has got me thinking. I've had my moneys worth. I've enjoyed owning this car. It brings a smile to my face every single time I drive it. And boy, is it fast! And economical. (And no, I have not ragged it. I do drive it sensibly.)

The MOT is due in June. I will have these repairs done, give it a jolly good clean and put her (is it a she? I dunno) up for sale.

I won't buy another. One is enough. Besides, my other car is a Toyota MR2.

So, when it's closer to June, I'll list her (I reckon it's a she) in the classifieds.

Incidentally, 44000 genuine miles, FSH and an inch thick folder of paperwork of all work that's ever been done. But you don't get the number plate.