There are three door lock connectors

Two lead, brown plug
Three lead, white plug
Two lead, red plug

The red plug looks like a sensor, but the other two both look like power connectors

Does anyone know what any of them do?

I can't get the door lock to operate electrically at all with a replacement door loom

No matter whether the door is open or closed, no life from it at all, the other door does lock when open, before unlocking a second later

I've repaired the old loom and that behaves in exactly the same way

All other locks open and close as before, and the car locks when required, apart from the door in question

So the controller definitely thinks the door is closed

For what it's worth I can't get the door mirrors on either side of the car to operate now, but I suspect that has been for some time

The only thing that does operate is the window, but I managed to break the window button - Doh!

Since the central locking relay is hardwired to the ZEE, I'm at a loss as to what to try next - for the central locking or the mirrors!

Any suggestions most welcome