Hi All,

I canít believe itís been six years since I last posted.

*Still have the same problem and the same passion which has now been parked up (very low mileage ) but looked at it the other day and thought letís get it running after 15 years of the wife giving me ear ache to get rid but I wouldnít.

First up - The handbrake is stuck - any ideas?

I had contact details for some mobile smart guys on old phone and I seems to remember Ian from Addlestone of Egham coming out on another smart I had?
Anyone know of any in the Staines, Heathrow area?

Its probably not worth the trouble now for a 2003 passion but I bought with the intention of signing it up, putting a private plate on it and bought a whole load of mods to make it stand out. - I know its nuts but I want to give it a go

Any help appreciated.

CheersÖ Jim.