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Thread: Just got myself a 453

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    Just got myself a 453

    I thought I would just post up a quick review of my experience using a Smart car doing around 1500 miles a month for anyone wondering if they are good to use daily on motorways etc.
    I live in Norfolk but travel down to London for four days where I stay to work then travel back again for four days off.
    I have just part exd my 2008 Jaguar XF (3.0L petrol) which was nothing but a money pit in parts and fuel (about as far from a Smart car as you can get really in size and power) but I was so fed up with the constant maintenance and fuel bills.
    So I popped into the Smart/Merc dealership in Norwich to have a look at the 453 Prime Premium. I was very impressed to say the least on how well kitted out the car was inside and out.
    My worry though was how it would perform on a motorway. You see I had brought a Smart Passion around 2007 and had to pretty much hang onto the steering wheel for dear life when on a motorway and if there was a slight wind it was not fun but the new shape in my mind is miles apart.
    So I took the plunge and traded in my Jag for a 2018 Prime Premium with only 5000k on the clock.
    My first journey down to London was on a windy and rainy day so I was a little apprehensive and knew this would be a real test from the start. I need not have worried though as the car was fantastic and Im so pleased and impressed with it.
    It was a joy to drive, much better than my Jag (I mean that) and I got a better seat position in the Smart than I ever did in my Jag. It just sat at 70mph with no rock or rolling and I was confident to have just one hand on the wheel (but for safety I always drive with two hands on the wheel when on a motorway).
    Best of all Im saving nearly 300 a month with the Smart in fuel, insurance and tax.
    I really cant fault it and if anyone is reading this wondering if they could commute to work or travel using motorways for long journeys then Id say a big yes. I drive about 450-500 miles a week, mostly motorway miles and Im very confident and happy with it, more so than I thought I would be.

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    Good write up and good to hear that a fortwo is a viable car in all conditions. It is a pity though that smart couldn't/didn't maintain its following and enthusiasm for its cars - as can be seen by how quiet smart forums are now. I guess, to some extent the early days were early adopters who by nature move on. Still, it's the car that counts and you are happy with yours so a result there.
    It is genuinely heartening to hear that a current smart is pleasing its owner - and preferred over the Jaguar.

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