Hi All, it's been a while.

I donít know if anyone has had experience of this before? I was driving away from traffic lights changing from 1st to 2nd using the paddle shift when there was a nasty graunching noise, I assume losing synchro, followed by a void of gears. Changing up again the car found 3rd and various warning displays appeared on the dash, including 3 black bars, so pulled over and restarted the car. From then on it could only select 1st, 3rd and 5th gears, with the loss of 2nd, 4th and reverse (reverse being common, I believe).

Into the (indy) workshop the next morning and they analysed/cleared all the transmission fault codes, adjusted the clutch and tested - all good. If anything, the gear changes seemed smoother than before, but after about 10 to 15 miles we ended up back where we were. The car has gone straight back into the workshop. Itís the first visit outside of the main dealer network, who have looked after the car since new which has been serviced annually and has covered 13,800 miles. Does anyone have any ideas please? Iím guessing electrical or maybe software, but surely the main dealer would have kept the software up to date? I would also have thought that clutch adjustment would be part of the servicing schedule?

Thanks for any comments.