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Thread: Recently rebuilt 700cc engine for sale

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    Recently rebuilt 700cc engine for sale

    As per title, as it looks like I'm breaking my 2005 fortwo Pure a very good engine is available.
    It was rebuilt end of 2016 at 75000 miles and is now at 86000 miles before being retired (due to ABS/ESP module failure) early 2020.
    Full rebuild with new exhaust valves, piston rings, all crankshaft shells, etc. All parts bought from smart/MB dealer and I have the receipts and oil analysis report conducted at 85800 miles when oil was changed. Recent compression test showed 125psi.
    Engine has ran faultlessly since rebuild and has been periodically started between it being retired and now - starts at first turn of the key and as it is still in the car can be heard running.

    I'll remove the engine and put on a pallet for courier collection for anyone interested. The gearbox is good (but leaking I think) and the clutch was working fine when last tried. They can be included if wanted.

    Given that this forum is about to go to 'read only' soon, anyone interested in what is a sound standard engine with loads of life in it would be better to PM me with an e-mail address. Anyone contemplating rebuilding their 700cc, check out the price of the parts alone and realise this engine will be bargain. 800 of parts in it in 2016 and I'm not looking for all of that money back.

    Edit PS.
    For anyone interested in the complete car, please see here >>
    Too late to post it on Smartz it seems.
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