Here at Smartz, we have some forum features that you may not have seen before ... and I thought it would be good to Introduce them to you all !!


The Spellcheck Feature is available on both the Advanced and Quick Editor, and is enabled by clicking the Icon. It will check most spellings, although you can add words it doesnt know by clicking the learn button.

YouTube Video

You can Display YouTube video's within the Forum, instead of having to leave the site. By Clicking on the icon, and entering the video code only the Video will display. Just like this ... using video code "UWjFP8ergKU"


You can create Highlighted Ebay Links, which truly is unique to Smartz, as I wrote it ... (not difficult TBH...) Select the Icon, and insert your item number only will link your item.

ebay reference-link250133203642


You can also add links to Wikipedia articles using the Icon. Insert the word you want to display within Wiki, and it will link it ...

Wikipedia reference-linksmart car

Google Translate

Module on the front page to support the real-time translation of the site into your native language. We cannot guarantee the translation accuracy, as this is provided by Google.

Custom User Titles / Signatures

You can have a custom title under your avatar, by adding it to your profile. You will find the setting under your User CP. Your User Signatures are also found in the User CP.

More little helpers coming soon ...